The Orosei Gulf

A pearl of Sardinia

The Orosei Gulf is one of the most uncontaminated and wild shores in Sardinia. It is 40 km long, overhanging the sea.


Cala LunaThe most famous and celebrated cove in the Orosei Gulf is Cala Luna. A 700 metre long beach and a sea with beautiful light blue reflexes immersed in the green embrace of woods full of oleanders that surround the entire beach and the fresh water lake behind it. To the north it is protected by walls of calcareous rock where the entrances to 6 caves in which you can find shelter from the heat of the central hours of the day, can be found. Cala Luna is particularly indicated for families with children because of its shallow sea bottom.

Cala Sisine is about 30 minutes away from the port of Cala Gonone by boat. It is a fundamental place to visit if you love gravel beaches. Cala Siine is surrounded by imposing rocks and it is immersed in a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation. Nearby there is another very evocative beach you can get to by land for those who love trekking. It is Cala Biriola, dominated by a rock in the shape of an arch that makes it even more unmistakable. It is dominated by a thick wood that hides ancient paths and walkways that were once used by the coal-men of the area.

Cala Goloritzè is dominated by an incredible natural obelisk in stone carved by the forces of nature and famous for its peculiarity and beauty.

Cala Goloritzè is one of the most famous places in which people from all of Europe come to do trekking and free-climbing because of its imposing 100 meter calciferous monolith. This cove can be reached through a hard path but the views it offers are unforgettable. The sea bottom is very deep and transparent and the beach is made of tiny white stones.

These marvellous coves can only be reached by sea or on foot from inside the Orosei Gulf and Gennargentu National Park.