Passion for sports

The areas of Dorgali and Cala Gonone are a real paradise for those who love sports connected to nature.

Excursions, trekking, free-climbing, cross-country cycling, hand-gliding and paragliding, horse-riding, kayaking, canoeing, bungee jumping and deep-sea diving, are among the many activities for sport lovers to discover the extremely varied and breathtaking landscape of the area.

There are many formation courses for beginners and experts with guides and professional instructors in the area.

Modern structures and a mild and temperate climate typical of the Mediterranean insure good conditions for sports all year round.

For horse-riding lovers you can go on an irresistible ride through the Ilune Codula to the famous Cala Luna.

Canoeing and Kayaking

The river route of the artificial Cedrino lake is a unique experience for canoeing and kayaking fans.

River fed by the karst waters of the Supramonte. It unites into one sports, bird-watching, geological observation (there is a great colour variety between the white limestone and dark basalt) and places of cultural interest (the Nuraghi that guard the ancient river routes or the charming little San Pantaleo church, that lies on the top of a hill, isolated and safe from inundations).


All the sea-bottom is full of micro-life that culminates with the immense oceanic Posidonia meadows for as far as the eye can sea. They are full of unique flora and fauna, relics and unmissable archaeological sites for divers and scuba-divers.

The most significant immersions include the relic in Cala Luna and the Italian Nasello merchant ship hit by torpedoed during the last World War.

Free Climbing

Lovers of free-climbing will find breathtaking places and sea-cliffs in Cala Gonone. There are various routes on every rock face so that every sportsman can challenge his own limits. Among the many places to visit there is the spectacular road that goes from the Orosei Gulf – S. Maria Navarrese to Cala Gonone called “the Wild Blue” road. And we mustn’t forget Poltrona and Budinetto. Their cross-country cycling routes unfold among the woody tops of the calcareous hills and down to the beaches and caves, to archaeological monuments, rural churches and karst springs like the Terme Chiese Caves, Cala Luna, Supramonte and Orgosolo.